I'KI art & design originates from the very aim to innovate by creating design objects qualified to meet the wishes, ideals and taste of those in search of something that suits their personality, innovative and unique with a character of their own, though comfortable and practical at the same time.

The constant search for objects which can stand out for being suitable to daily use as well as technologically innovative, proceeds along the same path as accurately planned activity, where the level of quality is the essential component. For this reason, we choose materials and co-operators with the utmost care.

Indeed, at l’IKI, accurate detail is the paramount structural element. The “design & oriented” vocation is ideally matched with the art section to result in a collection of designer works which have attracted the attention of those who consider art as a permanent fascination and a timeless richness.

That’s the reason why we feel eager to co-operate with those artists whose already well-known talent represents an enticing level of innovation, which causes amazement, surprise, desire.
From the passion for design to the search for art: all of this is I’KI art & design.